Why Remove Body Hair?

Why Remove Body Hair?

Having body hair can cause several issues to ladies as well as males. It is widely accepted that body hair looks unpleasant when it increases in length. They can be the reason of unpleasant odor coming out of different parts of your body, especially underarms. Hence, this issue needs to be resolved with the minimum time consumed and fewer efforts made. There are many ways available through which one can get rid of their body hair.

Why Remove Body Hair?

Some of the techniques by which you can remove your body hair are mentioned below


It is a procedure of eradicating the body hair from its roots. Although it is painful, it slowdowns the growth of unwanted body hair at an extensive rate. Waxing strips are also available that create no mess, and there is no requirement of an electric heater, too, for melting the cold wax. The wax trip is dragged with force, and the hair comes out.


Shaving is a process that needs creams or any other applications of any gel-like product to be applied over the haired body part. There are specific creams for shaving available in the beauty and skincare market. Some of them have toxic chemical substances in them like parabene and various kinds of sulfates. Thus, the user is recommended to verify the labeled contents mentioned at the back of the packaging.


If you want to remove your body hair permanently, then you can go to a dermatologist. There are various options readily available nearby you for choosing an expert dermatologist. It is a guaranteed method of 100% hair removal from your desired body part. But this also stays for some years, and then hair growth comes repeatedly because the hair follicles are re-opened after a particular time.


Why Remove Body Hair?

Electric trimmers are there to help you out from the problem of unwanted body hair. They either come with chargeable batteries or wired plugins. Best body groomer for men is the LED ones that save more power as compared to the normal ones. If you want to consume less energy, then go for an LED one as it will keep your amount of bill.


In this method, sugar is the primary ingredient that is used to eradicate the hair from follicles. It is less painful than waxing but can hurt a bit on sensitive areas. Semi-frozen sugared wax is taken and applied to the body, then stretched with some friction. The hair comes out on the frozen layer of sugar.


You have to be extra cautious while using the blade to remove your irrelevant body hairs from different body parts. Using cutter needs practice and training before taking it in your hands. One wrong move and you might get an infection that can be turned into tetanus. If you get a cut while doing this technique, then do not wait and seek help from a nearby medical practitioner.


Specific soaps have been manufactured for the removal of hair an easy process. These soaps are comparatively harder than regular soaps. They contain minerals that help in removing the hair from deep within.

Merits of removing your unwanted body hair

However, keeping some hairs on your body are beneficial for your skin follicles, as they do not allow the dirt material and other pollutants to penetrate your skin. But sometimes, it becomes unpleasant and not pleasant to see a male or a female with his arms and underarms filled with a bunch of hair. Hence, it is suggested to remove hair from your body parts from time to time, especially from the underarms area. It is essential to take care of the growth of body hair to avoid unpleasant odor from the private parts of your.

Factors causing excessive unwanted hair growth

  1. Hormonal imbalance: This hormone is present in both males and females but at a higher proportion of males. However, hair growth depends on other hormones, too, like testosterone in males and females. This, also, is present in both of them but more in males.
  2. Heredity: This is one of the major causes of having too much hair growth at unwanted body parts. However, it is widely said that DNA or chromosomes from your paternal side play a more critical role than the DNA of your maternal side.
  3. Poor diet: if you are eating unhealthy junk foods like burgers, pizzas, etc. then you are more likely to get a high hair growth rate. So, choose your menu and meals wisely.
  4. Oily food: In-taking of more omega-three fatty acids, causes more hair growth. Foods like salmon and other fish types might be one of the reasons why you are getting hairs on your body at a rapid rate. Thus, it is suggested by health experts to know the limits of eating oily foods.
  5. Puberty: This stage of a teenager’s life causes several disturbing changes in his or her body. Numerous hormonal variations occur when a person in his puberty period. Boys start getting beards and hairs on the chest, etc.

How often should you remove your body hair?

Hairs from underarms should be removed by any method once or twice a month, depending on various factors, like, how much your body produces the hormone responsible for hair growth, known as androgen and testosterone. It is highly recommended by experts to root out your body hair at regular intervals. The best time to remove body hair from underarms depends on seasons, as well as its length.

Why Remove Body Hair?


It is suggested to ask an experienced person who has used any of the techniques mentioned earlier before. Since there are many risks involved in some of the methods such as laser operation and waxing. These can be done by expert advice only. The user should be aware of the side effects of all of these methods or techniques. He should choose the one that will suit him the best. He is advised to analyze the time that will be consumed by each one of the methods.

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